Welcome to the world of video poker

It’s no wonder that video poker is an all time favourite across the world. If you love poker and you’re looking for a version that steps up the excitement, look no further. Now almost all of the best Australian online casinos offer this popular game!

Easy online entertainment

The first thing you will need to do is download your favourite Australian online casino and look out for the video poker games clearly visible. This game offers almost exactly the same excitement as what a normal poker game does, this time however there’s slightly less stress when you don’t need to read your opponents ensuring you’re holding the better hand.

Once you’ve entered the video poker game, you will be asked to place a bet between 1 and 5 credits. Once you’ve chosen and placed your bet you will be dealt 5 cards. The aim of the game hereafter is to make sure you have the best hand to put down out of all your competitors. You have the option of replacing your cards with new ones in the hope to better your chances of winning. Pay tables are showcased on the screen, and the more you play the better chance you have of picking up the odds of winning.

Sought-after video poker payout hands to aim for include a pair of jacks or higher, three of a kind, straight, flush, full house, four of a kind, straight flush and the royal flush presenting the highest win. Betting the full 5 credits often results in a jackpot payout and your chances of winning are increased. If you’re a first time video poker player don’t stress too much about knowing the ins and outs of this game. Most online casinos offer the chance to play for free before you opt to play for real money. This gives you the chance to test the waters and learn a few tricks before entering the big game.

Game variations to choose from

Online video poker is a huge hit amongst most online gamblers, and because of this there are a few variations that you can choose to play. Some of them include single hand, multi hand and progressive poker. Single hand video poker is just that, you play with one hand. This game generally has a large payout percentage. Multi hand allows you to play more than one hand at a time. The chances of winning with a multi hand game are drastically increased because naturally the odds are better. And the progressive game offers the same as the previous mentioned hands however a massive jackpot is attached to the winning hand.

The perfect package

Many of the best Australian online casinos offer welcome bonuses so keep a look out for these when choosing the best suited site for you to enjoy hours of fun video poker excitement. Trustworthy and reliable payment solutions are on offer so there’s no need to split your attention away from the game to worry about money matters.

Most Australian online casinos offer fantastic customer care support and are contactable via phone, email and live chat should the need arise.

Head on down to your favourite online casino and make sure to try your luck and show off your skills with video poker.