Let the good times roll

There are many exciting online casino games to choose from, and now slowly making its way to the top of the list is Sic bo. This game is an online casino game reliant on luck, and often compared to roulette. This game offers high payouts so if you’re feeling lucky make your way down to one of the best Australian online casinos and test your fate.

A simple numbers game

Sic bo has been around for centuries and with an easy layout and play plan it will surely carry on for centuries to come. To start playing this game you will have to head on over to your favourite online casino, login, deposit some cash and you’re ready to go.

The first thing you need to know about Sic bo is that your winnings rely a lot on the roll of 3 dice; you can choose to play with chips or real money. You will be presented with a layout that shows all the possible wagers. These wagers range from a 1:1 payout all the way up to a 180:1 payout. The Sic bo dice is rolled once all bets are placed, and whichever numbers it lands on is illuminated on the layout plan. If these numbers were part of your initial wager the money will come your way.

Pave your way to a fortune

Sic bo is a very simple game to grasp, take some time out beforehand to learn the ropes. General casino bets and payouts in Australia are as follows: big/small, betting on a total of between 4 – 10 or 11 – 17 pays out 1:1; odd/even, betting on an odd or even number total pays out 1:1; single, is betting that one of the dice will land on a specific number, this will payout 1:1; double, betting that 2 dice will hold a double will pay out 11:1; triple, betting that all 3 dice have the same number will pay out 180:1; and totals, is when you bet on a number that all 3 dice equates to between 4 - 17, this payout will vary depending on how many players are participating.

Strategies to take note of

Experienced players of Sic bo have laid out a few strategies for you to remember. Big/small and odd/even games are said to be the best choices to go for, their returns are a lot higher than the rest.

You should also keep an eye out for the single number bets when playing Sic bo. The advantage of playing a single bet is that if you by chance hit a triple the rewards are super exciting.

If you’re a high roller you should focus on total bets. Place you bet on number 9 or 12, they both have a payout of 7:1.It’s said that the numbers 8, 10, 11 and 13 have the worst payouts so remember this and take it into consideration when placing your winning bets. The best way to ensure a winning streak is to keep a look out at various Sic bo layouts and what the trends are. There is a method to this madness and you’ll catch on quickly.

Derived from an ancient Chinese game, with great payouts, it’s no wonder that Sic bo is fast becoming an Australian online casino favourite.