You can’t go wrong with a credit card

When you’re visiting your favourite online casino the last thing you want to worry about is deposits and withdrawals. You want the quickest and safest method to transfer your hard earned money to ensure that your play time is maximised. Credit cards meet the mark.

An easy transaction option

The first thing you’ll need to do is to choose one of the best Australian online casinos to wager at. Once you’ve made your choice you can download the casino to your desktop. When you’re ready and you’ve logged in, go to the cashier or banking section and select credit card as your preferred method of payment. There will be a short form for you to complete, it will ask you for your personal details like your name, address and card number and the ever important cvv number. Enter the amount you want to deposit and play with and process the payment. Your money will be available in a few short seconds and in no time you’ll be ready to hit the ‘play’ button on any of your favourite online casino games. Most credit cards allow you to withdraw money from your online casino account.

Sometimes the transaction time of waiting for your money to reflect in your account can take a bit longer not like the immediate relief when making a deposit. There are some credit cards available out there that do not process withdrawals so make sure you do your homework and ensure that both deposits and withdrawals are accepted. Big brand credit cards however do offer both options.

Many benefits

There are many benefits when using your credit card as your preferred method of payment at your chosen online casino, the first and main benefit being the high level of protection. Another benefit, unlike some other payment providers, is that deposits are immediate. Nobody likes to hang around and wait for money to be available; you want to play while the interest is rife.

Many credit cards come with their own fee structure and maximum limit, most however don’t have a fee for online deposits, and if they do they tend to be minimal. The maximum limit is generally AU$1 000 so there’s no room to complain there. Many of the best Australian online casinos offer great welcome bonuses and game promotions when using a card to make deposits and withdrawals.

There are also prepaid credit card options where you purchase a card and load a set amount of cash on this card. This prepaid card can then be used at most of Australian online casinos, and the great thing there is your budget is already set and you’re not able to go over the limit. You also won’t be required to hand over any of your personal and banking details, you’ll literally just need to enter a unique code for the funds on your prepaid card to be transferred.

Security is priority

Most credit cards make sure that your money is safe and secure at all times. They have top notch security technology in place to keep your mind at ease. Casinos work together with credit card providers to keep your cash safe, so in essence there’s a double barrier of security, your cards technology as well as the casinos security technology to compete with.

Credit cards are the most favourable method of payment used when depositing and withdrawing funds to and from your online casino account and the top Australian online casino all accept this payment method with ease.