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Craps are a casino game that has a rich and varied history and this exciting form of wagering entertainment has made the very successful transition to the online arena. Over the last 2 decades or so, online craps have gathered a massive following of players who want to enjoy all the action and excitement of this exhilarating game in the comfort of their own home. Today there are millions of players, many of them from Australia, who indulge in this fun form of betting, and win big!

Fast paced craps fun online

Craps may initially seem a little confusing as the bets that can be placed are numerous and somewhat complex, however once you get the hang of the game knowing what to wager will come naturally and you’ll become fully immersed in the fast-paced fun this game provides. In a land based casino the craps table is always the liveliest as players clamour around to see whose winning big, and the atmosphere of the game seems to have carried over very successfully to the online arena. The rapid fire pace and the excitement of watching the dice roll makes this game exceptionally entertaining and its remains a firm favourite with Australian online casino fans.

Practice with free craps games

Top Australian online casinos not only offer players the chance to win big with real money craps games, they also feature free craps which can be enjoyed for just for fun, or for practice. These free games allows for players to learn how the different bets work and to try their luck with no risk, before they embark on an amazing online adventure.

Although craps may be considered a game of chance and there’s little strategy or skill involved, players can still use betting systems to try and increase their chances of winning, and many high rollers love craps purely for its unpredictable nature. Winning results depend on the roll of the dice and if you’re lucky you could enjoy lucrative rewards with every game played.

An online casino first

Believed to have originated from the old English game of Hazard and the French game originally called Crabes, Craps has been around for years and it was a very popular game with soldiers during both world wars. When it first emerged, craps was mainly enjoyed by the nobility and the game became a hugely social one, involving great bonhomie and enthusiasm. Today this great game is enjoyed in land based casinos and at the very best Australian online casinos, and millions of players flock to the virtual tables to try their luck with every roll of the dice. It was one of the first entries into the online sphere and its rapid results and slightly complex betting structure quickly established it as a favourite with discerning players who enjoy table entertainment.

Find all the best craps games online

If craps are your favourite game, or you want to try your luck and place your first pass line bet, we’ve made it even easier for you to get started. Our list of recommended Australian online casinos features a number of top rated sites that offer this exciting game and so much more!